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Don't Waste Your Money: Bad bargains on counterfeit items

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - For shoppers in a rush to find that last minute holiday gift or getting a jump on the after Christmas sales, it can be easy to be drawn in by a website offering big discounts on popular name brand items. Unfortunately, many of those items turn out to be fake.

Australian Ugg Boots are a hot ticket item this 2014 Christmas season with the cost up to $140 a pair.

North Face, another hot ticket item averaging about $200 a piece.

Unfortunately, both these popular items are heavily counterfeited during the holidays and that bargain Christmas gift could fall apart within weeks.

Recently, the FBI and U.S. Chamber of Commerce have launched a public service announcement, warning consumers about the fakes.

"Man, look at these boots! You should buy them!"

Even the chamber's new radio ad gives warning signs of a counterfeit.

"Make sure the seller has a physical address on its website."

Holiday shopper Kerry Dalton says a while back she got burned by a seller when she searched for discount Uggs online.

"I found a site, they looked legitimate, they said 100% Australian made," Kerry said.

So, Kerry paid $80 plus shipping and handling for what turned out to be what she describes as the thinnest, most poorly made boots she had ever seen.

Kerry says the logos were crooked and the soles were incredibly thin.

And another consumer fell for a discount North Face jacket website. After paying $211 for two jackets, she says she received two horrible fakes. Both she described as having poor workmanship, poor materials and a bad odor.

U.S. Chambers warnings:

- Online sellers offering unusually low prices on items rarely discounted.

- Websites that have no physical mailing address, or only an address in China.

- And websites with spelling errors.

The bottom line; if the price seems too good to be true and the website leaves you with too many questions you should keep on searching so you don't waste your money.

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