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Gas prices hit five year low Friday

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - It wasn't long ago that gas prices were $4 a gallon. Now, if predictions are correct, prices could be dropping down to $2 a gallon.  

"I think they're awesome. Just in time for the holidays," said Alexandria Presberry.

"I love them. Good and cheap. Getting free gas," said Tyler Hardin.

Gas prices even hit a five year low Friday. And with supply up and demand low, there's more cash in the pockets of drivers.

"I live all the way out in Defiance and I commute to work every day," said Bailey Tejkl.

"Definitely! Tomorrow morning I'm going to head out to Cleveland to take my wife to the airport. Airline tickets are always cheaper. Can afford to drive further," said Miguel Roman.. 

Some even say the economy will benefit, with people spending less on gas they now have more to spend on other things. Which is perfect timing for buying holiday presents.

"They're nice. Easier to have money for the holidays," said Justin Hardin.

"I'm going to be doing more driving, picking up hours, more presents. Works out for me," said Ms. Presberry.

And the low gas prices definitely make for a 'Merry Christmas" at the gas pump.

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