Oregon seeking ozone water treatment system

OREGON, OH (Toledo News Now) - The City of Oregon has its own water intake, treatment plant and water towers. Now they are turning to oxygen is an attempt to make the water even safer for residents.

When toxins overwhelmed the City of Toledo's water treatment plant in August, Oregon was not affected.

With the city's own water system residents there didn't have a “Do Not Consume” order for more than two days, but city leaders have since consulted with an engineering firm to find the best way to treat the water and keep toxins out.

“It's an ozone related treatment system where you are combining oxygen with electricity and that makes an excellent disinfectant,” said Oregon City Administrator Mike Beazley.

Oregon City Council voted Monday night to apply for a $1.5 million state grant to help pay for the $10 to $13 million that might be needed to install an ozone water treatment system.

The oxygen attacks toxic microcystins and city leaders say it would also allow them to cut back significantly on the chlorine needed to keep the water safe, making it a better product for customers.

“It's something that our residents, our businesses, the community expects us to get this right. It's important to us to get it right and continue to get it right. And we will make the necessary investments to make sure that we do,” said Beazley.

If an ozone system is installed Oregon residents could see an increase in their water bills.

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