Lenawee County put new travel advisory system into effect in time for winter

LENAWEE COUNTY, MI (Toledo News Now) - Lenawee County officials have decided to move ahead with an new travel advisory system take is much easier to understand.

County Emergency Management Director Curtis Parson says it is a system that will especially come in handy during the winter months.

“Ice covered, snow covered, drifting, water standing on roadway,” said Parsons.

Those are the words he says residents will now hear as opposed to warnings such as Code Red or Code Yellow when snow hits Lenawee County.

“I think this departure from the previous system we had is going to be good for the county and good for the residents,” said Parsons. “It's going to be clear, concise and it'll be their decision whether or not they want to venture out on the roadway.”

This is something that was devised by Lenawee County's Emergency Management, the Road Commission and the Sheriff's Department.

“Last year was a particularly bad winter. So, we had to use this system a lot and a lot of people were confused because they hear different terminology in different counties that have totally different meanings," said Lenawee County Under-sheriff Jim Anderson.

When inclement weather happens, the warnings will be broadcast on local television and radio, in newspapers and on social media.

This new traveler's advisory in Lenawee County is in effect now.

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