Teal pumpkins helping children with food allergies trick or treat safely

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Halloween is soon approaching and this year some neighbors may have teal pumpkins on their porch.

Thanks to a concept trending on social media and encouragement from the Food Allergy and Research Institute, these teal pumpkins will let children with food allergies know what houses have safe treats.

Brady Sexton is one of the kids benefiting from the teal pumpkins this year and he says he loves Halloween for the same reason every kindergarten does.

“Getting candy!” said Brady.

But some candy can have a very negative effect on Brady because of his tree nut allergy.

“I'll get hives,” said Brady. “I'll get itchy.”

Brady's mom Sherie says his allergy can be fatal.

“Brady breaks out into hives and he has swelling of his tongue and lips and he can go into what is called anaphylactic shock and he can stop breathing,” said Sherie.

Brady and his family are one of the many houses that will be putting out a teal pumpkin on their front porch to show children with food allergies that they are welcome.

Sherie says the concept is simple, all you need is a pumpkin, some teal paint and treats that kids food allergies can have as well.

“They may have fresh fruit, they may have toys, they may have pencils, and they may have things that they just looked on the label and actually found out where peanut or tree nut allergy safe,” said Sherie.

She says the teal pumpkins make Halloween a little safer for her and Brady.

“It is nice to have an option like this because it will give Brady the opportunity to go out and not having to take out so much of his candy that he gets and having to replace it with stuff we purchase ourselves,” said Sherie.

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