Sylvania finishes investigation on donation bins

SYLVANIA, OH (Toledo News Now) - The City of Sylvania has finished their investigation into the donations bins around town. Now city leaders need to decide to either add more regulations on the bins or ban them altogether.

The investigation started with a concern over the legitimacy of the bin owners and it looked into what other communities have done with them.

City leaders say it is more likely the bins will be regulated, and not banned.

Regulation would include limiting the number of donation bins on a property, limiting the distance between the bins and making sure the bins are licensed.

“I think maybe they should keep them around, but they should have more of an organized place where they can actually have a lot more people donate instead of having them randomly placed out,” said resident Stephanie Garcia.

Sylvania City Councilman Doug Haynam says nothing has been officially voted on yet.

“I'm not really in the business of telling private property owners how to do this, how to use their property," said Councilman Haynam. "If they want to use them and they maintain them in a way that is appropriate and doesn't detract from the appearance of our city, you know, that's a property owner's decision.”

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