City officials share tips as leaf clean up begins

City officials share tips as leaf clean up begins

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - As the leaves continue to fall this Autumn, concern is growing about how they may damage pipes and drainage.

Leaf clean up efforts begin Monday, and city employees are working to make sure your property is safe.

Leaf buildup can clog up drainage and cause significant property damage, which is why city officials are urging you to do your part.

City officials say residents should remove leaves from storm drains on their property. By doing that, you avoid the risk of flooding and damage to your home.

It's also important not to put bagged leaves, branches, twigs, wood, debris or any type of trash in leaf piles.  Those items could damage the equipment and ultimately delay leaf clean up.

For safety and drainage purposes, residents are also urged to not rake their leaves into the street where work is scheduled.

You can check the entire leaf clean up schedule


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