Perrysburg WWII vet's photos reunited with his widow

Perrysburg WWII vet's photos reunited with his widow

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) - A widow was reunited with photos of and belonging to her late husband, a World War II veteran, on Friday.

Tonya Rodriguez was cleaning her Perrysburg home when she came across a folder of pictures taken during World War II. She

in an attempt to find the rightful owners of the photos.

"I can't even put into words how I feel right now, being able to give them back to the family," Rodriguez said.

The photos were of Harold Langham, from his time in the war. The photos were dated 1942-1945 and were taken at military bases in Alabama and Georgia, and then in Europe.

Harold passed away in 1999, but his wife Bernice still lives in Perrysburg. On Friday, Tonya was able to personally hand Bernice the pictures of Harold.

"I thought I was meeting grandchildren, or kids, I didn't know I was going to meet his wife," she said.

If it wasn't a surprise enough to get the photos back, Bernice was in for another pleasant surprise when she found out many of the pictures were the originals.

"I'm very, very happy to have these back,” she said. “These have to be the original pictures that my husband had, he brought them back from Germany."

Bernice says she's happy to be able to pass these on to her children and grandchildren. She says Harold never really talked about the war, so this gives them an insight into that part of his life.

Married for more than 50 years, Bernice says she can't stress enough how happy she is to have a piece of her husband back.

"I miss him, and the older I get, the more I miss him," she said.

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