Turnpike maintenance crews preparing for winter

Turnpike maintenance crews preparing for winter

ELMORE, OH (Toledo News Now) - Crews along the Ohio Turnpike are busy getting their snow plows ready for the coming winter.

Each year as the weather cools, Turnpike maintenance crews turn their attention to their winter equipment. Every snow plow receives a 135-point inspection. Each inspection takes about four hours.

The Turnpike also keeps about $1 million worth of replacement parts on hand in the event of any possible malfunction or damage.

Leaders say this preventative maintenance is critical, not only for a fluid operation, but for the safety of drivers, as well.

“Our crews that operate this equipment, once we get into snow and ice, will virtually live out of these trucks for 12-hour shifts for the entire season,” said Alan Durliant, superintendent of the Turnpike Western Division. “So it's very important to us that everything is operational and safe.”

Durliant says all of the plows will be ready to take on winter after Friday's inspections.

The Turnpike is self-reliant, independent of state departments. Maintenance is paid for with toll money.

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