Springfield Schools warn of bussing cuts if November levy fails

Springfield Schools warn of bussing cuts if November levy fails

Some parents in the Springfield School District recently received letters informing them that bussing services would be cut if the upcoming levy does not pass.

If the levy on the November 4 ballot fails, bussing will be cut for students in Kindergarten through eighth grade living within two miles of the school, as well as bussing for extracurricular activities like sports and band.

“It just affects my children's routine,” said Brooke Schmitz, a Springfield parent. “They are used to riding the bus, it is their means of getting to school. It doesn't just affect me, it affects many families here in Springfield who depend on having bussing. That's their only way to get their children to school because they're [going] to and from work.”

Other parents are waiting to see if they will be affected.

“I have not gotten a letter yet, so I still do not know if I am inside the two-mile radius that I will not get bussing,” said Lisa Melby.

“We are just at the point where that's the next big cut…[We're] trying to not affect the classroom,” explained School Board President Sherri Kobac.

Bussing is not the only thing at stake. The school would also increase the fee for students to play in extracurricular activities, and Saturday basketball for the Rec League would be cut.

The 7.9 mil levy would cost the owner owner of a $100,000 home $230 per year. There is also a renewal issue for a 1.35 mil levy for permanent improvements to the school on the ballot.

For Kobac, the issue is hitting close to home: If the levy fails, bussing for her children will be cut, as well.

“My heart is with Springfield – the school as well as the community,” she said. “I think that the community just needs to pull together so that we can all move forward together, and that is my honest opinion.”

Bussing as cut at the high school levy at the beginning of the year after the August levy did not pass.

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