Maumee trucking company plans expansion in Point Place, some residents against it

Maumee trucking company plans expansion in Point Place, some residents against it

POINT PLACE, OH (Toledo News Now) - Residents and businesses are speaking out after a Maumee company expressed interest in moving to a residential area in Point Place.

General Truck Sales has outgrown its seven-acre location in Maumee. The company wants to purchase about 24 acres of land on Suder Avenue and Alexis Road to expand their business, but residents in the area are concerned about what the move could mean for their future.

“They are a very good neighbor, they've just outgrown the site and they need to expand,” said Stephen Herwat, a consultant for the company. “They'd like to do it on that site, which already has industrial zoning across the majority of the homes on Suder.”

The problem is many of the residents there say they don't want this new neighbor.

“It's just inappropriate for a residential neighborhood,” said resident Jerry Mayfield. “All the large commercial properties are on the other side of 75. There are no industrial properties on this side of the expressway. It makes no sense to tear down houses and put this down in the middle of a residential neighborhood.”

The houses that would have to go include one occupied by a couple who have lived there since they built their home 57 years ago. That couple says they are sad to have to leave.

Other residents say they are concerned about Shoreland Elementary being so close. Herwat says that's a misconception.

“That's not the case,” he said. “The site plan has been submitted and shows no development on that site [near the elementary].”

Herwat also says there will be significant landscaping to shield residents of the view. The driveway entrance will be designed to allow semi trucks to enter and exit the two-way road safely.

General Truck Sales also says they plan to hire around 10 people if the expansion goes as planned.

Despite several concerns, there are also some residents who support the company moving to the neighborhood.

The issue will go before the city's planning commission November 6 to determine whether to change the zoning. If it's approved, construction will begin in the spring.

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