Waterville crash causes gas leak

Waterville crash causes gas leak

WATERVILLE, OH (Toledo News Now) - Police were on the scene of a gas leak in Waterville after a car hit a gas line on North River Road early Friday morning.

The accident happened around 3 a.m. Friday.  Police say the driver swerved to avoid a deer, hitting the gas line. The driver then fled the scene, leaving his car behind.  Police say gas was gushing out of the line.

We're told the driver was injured in the crash, though the extent of the injuries are unknown at this time.  He was brought back to the scene and is complaining of head pain.

A large stretch of North River Road was closed beginning at Dutch, but it has since reopened

The driver will not be charged for hitting the gas line, though he is expected to be cited for fleeing the scene.

The surrounding neighborhood was not evacuated.

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