Sheriff investigating break-ins, nothing stolen in western Lucas County

Sheriff investigating break-ins, nothing stolen in western Lucas County

LUCAS COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Lucas County Sheriff's Office is trying to figure out why homes on the west side of the county are being broken into when nothing is taken.

In the past few months there have been four or five break-ins like this in and around Richfield Township, just west of Sylvania Township. Investigators say they think there could possibly have been more that has gone unreported.

The break-ins are happening during the day. The sheriff's office says there are clear signs of forced entry into the homes, including windows being broken or pushed in. In one case, the victim reported finding a dirty shoe print in her bath tub. Nothing is ever reported missing.

Investigators are going back to square one, reviewing other cases of suspicious activity in the area to see if the cases could be related. They say the most frustrating part of the investigation is not knowing why the break-ins are occurring.

“Normally when somebody breaks into something, there is a motive, you know, they want to sell it to get cash to fulfill the drug habit, or doing it professionally, whatever the case may be. But without, with no theft occurring, it's kind of a question for us,” said Sgt. Matt Luettke with the sheriff's office.

If you think you may have been a victim of this kind of crime, Sgt. Luettke says you should call 911 and file a report.

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