Manhole cover slips, hits semi, diesel leaks on I-75

Manhole cover slips, hits semi, diesel leaks on I-75

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A strange situation in a construction zone had traffic at a standstill for close to an hour Thursday afternoon.

Toledo Police say a truck ran over a manhole cover on northbound I-75 near Detroit Avenue. That cover came loose, popped up and hit the truck's fuel tank, snagging the side saddle tank and its brake line and spreading fuel onto the highway.

The truck then stalled because of the damage to its brake line.

Police say the truck did the right thing by helping keep other drivers safe from the hazard.

"The semi was able to slow [traffic] down before I got here and was able to use the lights and get everybody over and off the diesel," said TPD Sgt. Albert Papenfus. "ODOT arrived and…helped us block the lane and get us a replacement manhole cover here quickly so we could take care of it."

Sand was placed along the highway to improve traction.

ODOT says they will continually monitor manhole covers along I-75 to make sure they are secure.

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