Toledo residents using new app to report problem areas

Toledo residents using new app to report problem areas

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A new app called See-Click-Fix is making waves in Toledo, changing the way you report problem spots to the people in charge.

Since the app's launch last month, people have reported 123 nuisance properties, 48 pothole complaints and 40 cases of high grass and weeds. Residents simply have to download the app, take a picture of what they want changed and click 'report' before typing in the location and the problem.

City officials say seeing the picture helps them investigate problem spots faster.

"You can go into the app and see what other issues have been reported," said City of Toledo Public Information Officer Stacy Weber. "It's not something that's kept in a database here that no one can access.  I go into my phone, see what's reported in my neighborhood and see what's been reported around me."

Last year, the city had to fill around 100,000 potholes.  City officials say with this app, they can determine which potholes or properties need their attention.

Another feature of the app is is that you'll get a response from the city that they've received your report.

Typically, it takes about one week to fix the problem.

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