A.J. Nye Leaves For Hospital

TOLEDO -- We have an update on the progress of a ten year old boy who needs a double transplant.

A.J. Nye and his mother left for Nebraska this morning where he will go directly to the Hospital. A.J. is on the list for a liver and bowel transplant surgery. So far he does not have a donor. But since his health is getting worse, the doctors admited him early.

On Monday, A.J. said goodbye to his classmates at Saint Charles Catholic School. They said their prayers are with the family.

Classmate Laura Minor says, "I hope he will be better and come home for Christmas." Isabella Valentine shared his thoughts, "I hope he has a merry Christmas and his surgery goes well."

A.J. had this message for his classmates, I will miss everybody and i will see you next year."

This is the second transplant for AJ. He underwent his first transplant when he was two years old.

Many Toledo residents have opened their hearts and wallets to the family hoping to cover their expenses. Just over the weekend more than twelve thousand dollars was raised for the family expenses.

Posted 6:00pm, Monday, December 13, 2004