GUEST EDITORIAL by Rep. Kaptur: Jeep belongs in Toledo

GUEST EDITORIAL by Rep. Kaptur: Jeep belongs in Toledo
Rep. Marcy Kaptur
Rep. Marcy Kaptur

TOLEDO, OH (EDITORIAL) - By US Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D - OH 9th District)

WTOL has it right. We need to keep Jeep right here in Toledo.

This much we know: Jeep's workforce in Toledo is the best in the country. It's a winning team and it's our greatest asset.

But the Jeep brand is a valuable asset in its own right - and a symbol of the special bond between our community and the vehicles we deliver to the world.

From the time the first Jeep rolled off the line in Toledo during World War II, Jeep has been part of our core. It's what we do. We make things here. We move America forward. We hold it together.

We have the know-how and we have the hottest-selling product in the lineup. Jeep is one of the greatest brand names in the world.

Last year, Jeep was named the most patriotic brand in America. The power of that brand - the Jeep nameplate - brings a strong sense of security about good jobs here in coming years.

Job security and America's economic security - that's what this is all about.

We've got some work to do, but if we work together, I believe we can get the job done and keep Jeep where it belongs: right here in Toledo.

Our story is Jeep's story...and it belongs here, in Toledo.

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