Toledo City Council President wants Collingwood street lights back on

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Several street lights are out on Collingwood between Islington and Central and Toledo City Council President Paula Hicks-Hudson wants to see it fixed as soon as possible.

The street lights have been out since April and Hicks-Hudson says it is a danger to people in the area. She believes the construction caused the lines to the lights to be accidentally cut during paving.

Hicks-Hudson says the city has been back and forth between the contractor and Toledo Edison to decide who should fix them. She says residents don't want to wait any longer and she doesn't care who does it as long as they get fixed.

“Well the main concern is that you have kids walking to school early or leaving from school and going home with the lights being out. It's more of an opportunity to get hit by cars,” said Hicks-Hudson. “I know Edison is working on it but it's like, we need to get it fixed.”

The administration says Toledo Edison is fixing the lights at their own expense. They have no official start date for the work.

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