Stores and pawn shops helping police track down stolen items

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Toledo Detectives say gold is a hot commodity for addicts looking for cash to buy drugs like heroin.

Nick Karpinski works at Toledo Coin Exchange and he says they buy a lot of gold everyday.

“We buy a lot of broken gold or things that aren't worn anymore, bad memories, that kind of thing,” said Karpinski.

He says jewelry stores, precious metal dealers and pawn shops across Toledo are suppose to operate under a set of rules when it comes to buying gold, or they could lose their license.

“We follow the Ohio Precious Metal Dealer Act, which requires us to hang on to it for seven days,” said Karpinski. “We typically hold it for two weeks, that gives detectives time to go through our records and see if there is anything that pops up that maybe is missing or maybe haven't been taken.”

Like Toledo Coin Exchange, stores that follow the rules make it more likely for people to be reunited with their keepsakes and for police to catch the crooks. Karpinski says detectives call the store daily to give names and descriptions of items they are looking for.

“It's to our benefit to help the police, then if we have an issue they will come running, but it's to our benefit to us to do that anyways, it's the right thing to do as well it helps people get their stuff back if it's been taken, especially since theft is so rapid right now, we're working pretty closely with them right now anyways,” said Karpinski.

Unfortunately, not all stores and pawn shops follow these rules, making it difficult for police to track down stolen items.

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