Lenawee Co Board of Health proposing smoking ban on county property

LENAWEE COUNTY, MI (Toledo News Now) - The Board of Health in Lenawee County is looking into proposing a ban on smoking on all county government property. That includes places such as the County's Judicial Building in Adrian.

The development of a possible smoking ban ordinance is still in the early stages but just the thought of it has some Michigan residents fired up.

"I think it's everybody's right to be able to smoke wherever they feel like and it's just not here on these county properties," said Michigan resident Alicia Silva. "It's basically everywhere, as long as it's not hurting nobody else, we're outside."

County Board of Health Chairman John Tuckerman says a discussion on a possible smoking ban was brought up after administrators in Lenawee County received complaints from county employees about some of their smoking co-workers.

"It's more the message that we're sending," said Tuckerman. "Rather than be the non-smoking nazis or something, we're going to really send the message about good health."

The Lenawee County Health Department is in the process of developing an ordinance that needs to be passed by the Board of Health and the Lenawee County Commission. The smoking ban on county government properties could be implemented within a year.

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