Toledo ends roadwork, switching to leaf collection

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - After a brutal winter the site of city crews patching potholes has become very familiar. Friday the city completed all the projects they will get to this year.

Recent repairs were made on Bancroft between Upton and Parkside and Westwood and Wyndhurst. Crews have also milled and filled Detroit Ave, Cass Rd, Front St and Central Ave. But Streets, Bridges and Harbor Commissioner David Welch says there are many other streets the city did not have time to repair.

Member of city council have been questioning how many roads have been repaired this year and drivers around the area have given their opinions as well.

“I think they did a pretty good job on patching. There are some areas that still need some work. Maybe down on Central near Cherry there are still some potholes there. But it's much improved from earlier in the year,” said driver Gina Daiber.

Commissioner Welch says there will be what's called a “full blown” paving plan for the city next year.

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