EDITORIAL: We need to keep Jeep in Toledo

EDITORIAL: We need to keep Jeep in Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (EDITORIAL) - Toledo has been synonymous with the Jeep brand since the very first Jeep rolled out of the Willys Overland Plant decades ago. And now, seemingly out of nowhere, we receive the distressing news that Jeep owner, Fiat-Chrysler, is considering moving Wrangler production to another plant.

Jeep is Toledo and Toledo is Jeep.

The effort to keep the Wrangler in Toledo should include everyone. The financial impact is potentially enormous if it leaves. The psychological and image impact to this struggling city is unimaginable.

The timetable to influence this decision is unknown, but it would be unwise in the extreme to assume we have any time to dawdle or debate our next move. The city leaders need to galvanize around a 'Keep Jeep' effort and the community should step up to support the highly-efficient Jeep workforce.

WTOL 11 will assist this effort in any way possible. Keeping Jeep in Toledo means more than we can possibly understand. If you think that is hyperbole, then do nothing and see how it feels around here if Jeep leaves. We must keep Jeep in Toledo.

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