Lice found at a Sylvania elementary school

SYLVANIA, OH (Toledo News Now) - Health officials are raising awareness on lice after it was discovered on the heads of some elementary students at a Sylvania school.

“It happens everywhere, it happens in every school district,” said Sylvania Schools Public Health Nurse Jeanette Arnsby.

Despite the recent occurrence in Sylvania, health officials say lice is very common throughout every school year. Jeanette says there are a few key things parents should look for.

“You want to look for itching, if you're concerned about it take your child home, start parting their hair and look in it, if you're looking for eggs, they're behind the ears most of the time,” said Jeanette.

She says the Sylvania school district follows protocol anytime lice is found on the head of a student, which includes sending a letter home to parents.

“We try to keep the kids in school, if they've been treated, if we see that mom and dad have combed, made an effort, if that child comes to school with some knits in their hair or the eggs, the other nurses and I most of the time will take them into a health room and spend some time,” said Jeanette.

A special shampoo found at a drug store and rigorous combing with a lice comb is the best way to rid someone of lice. Health experts say head lice mainly affects kids in grade school.

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