UAW, elected officials rally to keep Wrangler production in Toledo

Elected officials, UAW members rally to keep Jeep Wrangler production in Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Federal, state and Toledo-area elected officials gathered with UAW members for a rally to encourage Fiat-Chrysler to continue building the Jeep Wrangler in Toledo on Monday.

The rally comes after

if a new version of the vehicle is built on an aluminum frame. Marchionne has said employment levels in Toledo will not be changed even if Wrangler production is moved. City and State leaders promised Jeep workers Monday that they will do whatever it takes to keep Wrangler production in Toledo. Senator Brown says keeping Jeep in the glass city is critical because of the 1,700 jobs the production provides, along with the 800 supplier jobs created by the factory.

"The message is this town will do whatever it takes. Toledo will, the workers will, the local management will, local elected officials, school board superintendent. everybody's on board because they know how important this is to the community," said Brown.

He says the purpose of Monday's event was to let Jeep workers know that elected officials are going to do everything they can to keep Wrangler production in Toledo.

“There's a lot of naysayers. There were naysayers before the auto rescue, [saying] that Chrysler could shut this plant, go out of business. We always figure out a way. Jeep's had 75 years of history here and we're going to figure out a way for the most productive Chrysler workers in North America,” said Brown.

Mayor Collins met with Marchionne a few weeks ago and plans to meet with him again to further the discussion of Jeep production in Toledo.

"The first trip was to recognize what they felt to be the challenges. our return trip will be coming back with a playbook to show them that it matters where you make it and you will make it in Toledo!" said Collins.

UAW members showed up to the rally wearing “Solidarity on Stickney” t-shirts, a reference to the Stickney Avenue Wrangler assembly plant. Some Jeep workers say they appreciate the support from both city and state leaders.

"I'm not confident that it won't leave Toledo. That disturbs me," said Jeep worker Mike Dazell. "But, with these people that came together today, I don't know how much more we can do! But, we're going to do what it takes!"

No specific plans were announced. City council will continue to discuss the purchase of land for a plant expansion Tuesday.

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