A Toledo pet store being sued after a teenager is bit by one of their dogs

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A Toledo pet store is facing a lawsuit after one family says their teenage daughter was attacked while playing with one of their dogs.

Brandi Dewey, 14, says one of the dogs at The Family Puppy store in Franklin Park bit through her jeans and then jumped on her, ripping her sweatshirt and giving her a scar.

Brandi says she asked to play with the puppy but never thought she would end up this way.

“They just wrote it down and that was it. They're like, ‘we don't replace nothing, it's not that big of a deal, it's a puppy this should be common sense.' That's when we took more drastic matters,” said Brandi.

They then turned to an attorney for help and are now suing The Family Puppy for around $25,000.

Brandi's mom says she couldn't believe this happened and she is hoping the incident prompts a change in procedures at the store.

“I would really like to see them make a policy, they don't have any policies, any warnings, anything to protect kids from going in there without their parents' permission,” said Brandi's mother Lori.

She says she feels for her daughter who will now have to live with a scar from the dog who bit her.

“It's pretty embarrassing for homecoming and dances and shorts and summer because it shows and everyone like what happened what happened?” said Brandi.

The owner of The Family Puppy says the dog that scratched and bit Brandi was just a puppy and not a vicious dog. He also says all of their dogs at up to date on their shots.

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