Toledo Hospital conducts Ebola drills

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Toledo Hospital held drills Friday to prepare staff for a possible Ebola case.

If a patient were to come into the ER with symptoms of Ebola they would be given a mask and directed outside to wait for a team of doctors and nurses ready to assist them.

James Hancock and Jennifer Holgrefe are two of the nurses at Toledo Hospital to do the Ebola drill Friday and they say one of the first steps is to put on their protective gear and take the patient to a secluded room.

“The more that we practice, and the more that we're working on this, and practicing donning and doffing, the better off our staff will be prepared in case this would ever come to us,” said Jennifer.

Once the patient is sent to a quarantined room by another team of doctors and nurses they practiced taking off their protective gear. The first step is to wipe their first layer of gloves down before taking then off slowly, they then take the entire suit off and throw it away.

“They're not the most comfortable suit to have on, they don't breathe very well, because they are plastic on the exterior, but that's part of the protection,” said James.

“How I felt, was the warmer I felt, the more protection that I was having, that nothing was coming in and nothing was getting out.” Said Jennifer.

Staff at the hospital says performing drills for Ebola or any other illness is extremely important for the protection of everyone.

“By drilling this, is the only way that we're going to become comfortable, we can't wait until a patient with Ebola comes in, and then start practicing,” said Dr. Izak.

The hospital will continue to do the drills until all staff feels comfortable with the procedure.

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