Repairs underway at Tecumseh dam

TECUMSEH, MI (Toledo News Now) - The water levels at the Red Mill Pond are a lot lower than normal due the the work being done on the dam.

Some residents are very happy the work is being done in an attempt to save the pond.

“The pond becomes a real close part of your life,” said Brown Street resident Bob Ondrovick.

His family has lived in the house on the Red Mill Pond for 34 years and he says if the repairs weren't done they were concerned the dam would be eliminated and the pond would drain out.

"Kids have grown up learning to live on the pond," said Ondrovick. "Fishing and wildlife is important...we have an eagle that soars through."

The Lenawee County Drain Commission is overseeing the project. The steel catwalk will be repaired and a security fence is going to be replaced. Work has already begun on repairing the dam itself.

"We're restoring the concrete on this side of the dam," said Red Mill Pond Dam Worker Jim Okonski. "Especially because a lot of it's broken."

The total cost of repairs on the dam at the Red Mill Pond is around $315,000. Officials from the drain commission are hopeful the repairs will be finished and the pond refilled by November 1.

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