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Cardboard box event raises money, awareness for Lenawee County homeless

ADRIAN, MI (Toledo News Now) - Cardboard boxes at the Old County Courthouse in Adrian provided a unique visual on Friday, raising money and awareness for homelessness in Lenawee County.

People who live at the Lenawee County Mission in Adrian and volunteers took part in the 7th annual Cardboard Box Community event. Mission officials say there are about a thousand people who are homeless in Lenawee County.

“The face of homelessness in Lenawee County these days really stems from those who are going through a divorce, loss of a job, maybe some legal issues, foreclosure on the house,” said Steven Palmer, executive director of Lenawee County Mission.

People who have gone through the Lenawee County Mission program or are going through it say it has saved their lives. A big part of the problem for many is drug and alcohol addiction.

“It's funny how it drags you down, just drags you down from having a nice home and everything you can think of to living in a box,” said Russell Smith, a resident going through the Lenawee County Mission program.

“I would've drank myself to death or committed a violent crime again,” said Matthew Torres, a graduate of the Lenawee County Mission program. “I'd probably been in prison for violent crimes committed while I was drunk and I know for sure I'd be doing life in prison or I'd be dead.”

The cardboard box event has raised thousands of dollars over the years as well as awareness throughout the county. For more information on the Lenawee County Mission and how you can help, visit their website.

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