Call for Action: 82-year-old fights for handicapped parking space in front of home

Call 11 for Action: 82-year-old fights for handicapped parking space in front of home

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A Toledo woman says the City of Toledo gave her the runaround when it came to getting her 82-year-old mother a handicap parking sign in front of her house.

Diane Fouch says her mother Bettie Haugle sits in her recliner most of the time due to her limited mobility but when she wants to leave her home on Valleywood it can be a huge ordeal.

Bettie is in desperate need of a handicap parking sign in front of her home but she says it seems like she just can't get the City of Toledo to help her out.

“It shouldn't be a problem because I need it,” said Bettie.

Bettie's daughter Diane says letter after letter was sent to the Department of Transportation, dating back to March.

“They sent a letter back and they said that due to us having an alley and a garage that we shouldn't need a handicap spot out in front to park,” said Diane.

But Diane says it is nearly impossible to get her mother out of the house without it being a huge hassle. She says it involves pushing a wheelchair on an uneven sidewalk and sometimes walking a block due to other cars being parked in front of the house. And the garage she says it located farther from the house than the street.

“So finally, I thought well I'll check with Call For Action,” said Diane.

There are a total of four handicap parking permits on Valleywood and many are close to Bettie's home.

The Department of Transportation says they are currently reviewing the department's regulations on handicap parking permits. They did not comment on why Bettie's permit has been denied over the others on her street.

Last week Diane and her mother Bettie got the news they wanted, the Department of Transportation will be putting a handicap parking permit in front of Bettie's home by the end of the month.

The department did not say if people will see any changes this year on how handicap parking permits are handled.

If you think you have a problem give Call 11 For Action Team a call at 419-255-2255.

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