Sylvania parents discuss prescription drug abuse and how to protect their children

SYLVANIA, OH (Toledo News Now) - Sylvania parents came together at a town hall meeting Thursday night to discuss prescription drug abuse and how they can protect their kids.

Leaders at the meeting say that three young people in the Sylvania community lost their lives to Heroin over the summer and many of them started by abusing prescription drugs.

The Sylvania Community Action Team held the town hall meeting and brought in guest speaker Danielle Smoot, who lost her teenage son to prescription drug abuse. Danielle says spreading the word about this problem is key to stopping it.

“Addiction is not a moral failing, it's a disease and until we start talking about addiction like a disease and understanding it better and getting rid of the stigma of addiction then it's going to perpetuate,” said Danielle.

Leaders at the meeting say a change of clothing style, change of friends or change of mood can all be signs of prescription drug abuse. They also say the problem seems to be more prevalent in suburban communities.

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