EDITORIAL: Raising awareness for ovarian cancer

EDITORIAL: Raising awareness for ovarian cancer

(Toledo News Now) - Ovarian cancer is a dreaded and often fatal disease.

It is a fact that early detection increases survival rates. It is also a fact that a PAP test does not detect ovarian cancer.

Common symptoms can be bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain, urinary discomfort, and eating complications. Risk factors include increasing age, personal or family history of breast, colon or ovarian cancer, or undesired infertility.

Fortunately, the Ovarian Cancer Connection exists to provide financial assistance for survivors. The OCC began in 2005 and through the years, with help from generous supporters, it has been there for hundreds of patients who are dealing with all of the difficulties inherent in battling cancer.

The Ovarian Cancer Connection is committed to raising awareness about ovarian cancer and to providing support for research and patients. “It's time to get real about teal” is the popular brand adopted by the OCC.


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