Sheriff: 20 home break-ins across Fulton County

Sheriff: 20 home break-ins across Fulton County

FULTON COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Fulton County Sheriff's Office says they've seen around 20 cases of home break-ins and burglaries across the county recently. They believe it may be two different groups committing the crimes.

There have been four burglaries in just the last two days. Investigators believe the thieves knock on doors to see if owners are home and if they aren't, the suspects break in.

The sheriff's office says the thieves seem to be hitting homes in more secluded areas, where there aren't neighbors to see watch out for each other.

Sgt. Matt Smithmyer says homeowners should be aware and plan ahead.

“We're asking homeowners to lock their doors. If they have a safe, lock their valuables up in the safe or hide them, make it more difficult,” he said. “Also write down the serial numbers of your electronics and guns, keep them in two or three places.”

If you see anything suspicious you should call 911 immediately. Anyone with information that could help police find those responsible for these crimes should call Fulton County Crime Stopper at 800-255-1122.

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