Defiance Police Department adding staff, vehicles

Defiance Police Department adding staff, vehicles

DEFIANCE, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Defiance Police Department has added some much needed staff and vehicles to it's department.

In addition to adding police officers, they've added several new police vehicles.  The chief believes this will add to the quality of work they do here in the city.

Police officers in Defiance now have three new Ford Explorers to use in what the chief says is their office.  Also, three new police officers were recently added to the Defiance Police Department.

“Having the extra guys is a big plus for us,” said Defiance Police Chief Tim Tobias, “it seemed like we were running really short in the past...we have a couple of guys maybe with surgeries or other things going on and it really puts us down, with the three additional officers it really helps.”

The Defiance Police Department are able to have these additions all thanks to a tax levy that was passed last year.  The department does purchase new vehicles every two years.

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