Mayor Collins making major changes to save Toledo money

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Mayor Collins is changing the way criminals will be charged in the city as a way to save Toledo money.

Currently when police arrest someone they are charged under Toledo Municipal Code. Beginning Wednesday those arrested will be charged under state law, saving the city some major cash.

Mayor Collins says the cost of jailing suspects before and after trial used to pay off because criminals paid fines to the city but for many years the costs of handling them has outweighed what comes in.

Collins says this change will save nearly $8.5 million a year which could fix a lot of Toledo roads.

Lucas County Commissioner Tina Skeldon-Wozniak says the Mayor's decision doesn't sit well with her because when Toledo Police charge criminals under state law the county will have to pay all of the jail costs.

“It was our understanding that he was not going to do that,” said Skeldon-Wozniak. “At the last minute he said he was going to change the way they have been operating for years and years and years. And even to the tune of only giving us 12 days' notice.”

Sheldon-Wozniak says the Mayor's change comes just as the county and city were working well together on developing a plan for a new jail complex.

Councilman Mike Craig says although he sees the benefits this decision should not be made lightly.

“We need to work with our partners and work through these issues and not just you know, not just use the criminal justice system as a hot potato and say here it is, it's all yours now!” said Craig.

He says city council may call for hearings on the decision and Skeldon-Wozniak is asking the Mayor to reconsider.

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