Toledo neighborhoods may be able to raise money for their own SkyCop camera

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Toledo Mayor's Office is looking to create a fund that would allow neighborhoods to raise the money necessary to get a SkyCop Camera installed in the areas they feel need one.

The SkyCop camera system was launched in 2012. The city currently has 147 SkyCop cameras at 87 locations across Toledo.

Mayor Collins says the cameras have positively impacted neighborhoods and businesses by allowing Toledo Police to circulate video when looking for a suspect or information on a crime.

The Mayor's Office says there is limited funding for additional cameras but by starting a “Police Camera Trust Account” they may be able to put more cameras in the neighborhoods that need them.

“I have heard people say, especially in business districts, we would be willing to go together and look at paying for a camera and you know what? I would encourage them,” said Toledo Councilman Mike Craig.

The Toledo Police Department told city council on Tuesday that between $3,600 and $6,000 would have to be raised per system, depending on whether it is a single or dual camera.

Councilman Craig says he worries the maintenance of the cameras would have to be paid by the city, which would cost them about $100 per camera.

“If eventually you have to increase the number of officers watching the cameras, that would be an additional cost,” said Craig.

City Council has not approved the option of a trust account yet but police spokesperson Sgt. Joe Heffernan says Chief Bill Motion is on board with it.

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