City Council discuss securing the old Med Corp property for possible Jeep plant expansion

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Tuesday Toledo's City Council discussed securing the old Med Corp property on Stickney Avenue.

This property is an important part of Toledo and the city wants to secure the land in hopes of expanding Toledo's Jeep plant.

The company that currently owns the land is in bankruptcy but the price for the plot is skyrocketing.

Councilman Rob Ludeman says there is not a big rush to have the securing of the property passed but they do want Chrysler to know the city wants to be a partner in the possible expansion and help move things along.

According to Ludeman the city is also looking to purchasing other property along Stickney, including textile leather. The city currently owns property in that general area and securing more land would allow for expansion.

The three parcels of land total to about 50 acres and although council members are unable to confirm a specific dollar amount the cost of the land could be up to $6.2 million.

“If we're expanding it beyond the Med Corp property then we'll have to look at what the dollars and cents are, but again I can't talk too much about the details of it at this point in time,” said Ludeman.

City council is expected to vote on securing the properties in a few weeks.

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