Department of Public Safety warning drivers about deer mating season

(Toledo News Now) - The Department of Public Safety says deer mating season can be one of the deadliest times of the year.  As thousands more deer enter the roadways, accidents are spiking.

Deer mating season is officially underway, making the roads extra dangerous for drivers.  The Ohio State Highway Patrol says all drivers need to be more alert.

State Highway Patrol Troopers say they're responding to deer crashes daily.  Last year, more than 20,000 deer crashes took place in Ohio, eight of which were fatal.

Troopers are urging drivers to be defensive on the road.  The want to remind you to slow down, pay attention to deer crossing locations and throw on your brights when there isn't oncoming traffic.

Typically, if you see one deer, there are five to eight more following, because they travel in groups.

If you know you're going to crash into a deer, hit your breaks and try to stay in your lane.

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