Youth football teams help boy with cerebral palsy score touchdown

WEST UNITY, OH (Toledo News Now) - A boy with cerebral palsy scored a big touchdown in West Unity on Saturday.

During a fifth and sixth grade football game between Hilltop and Liberty Center, Kaleb Schaffner was doing what he loves.

Watching the sport he loves.

Kaleb has cerebral palsy, is wheelchair bound and can't speak.

Kaleb learned to love the sport by going to his older brother Austin's high school games.

At one break in the action, Austin pushed Kaleb onto the field.

There was a shotgun snap, and a hand off.

Austin took his brother Kaleb about 60 yards for the touchdown!

Both teams clapped and cheered, and a boy's dream was realized as both teams worked together to make it happen.

The whole thing was a surprise to his parents.

"I was crying the whole time. I was so proud. I was just so proud of everybody," said Kaleb's mother, Vicki.

Kaleb's father Kevin agreed.

"We have always been very blessed with the class that he is in that has really taken him to heart," said Kevin, fighting back tears, "There's a lot of lessons for those kids to learn."

A Liberty Center player also gave Kaleb his own special helmet.

It was painted by KK Collision of Liberty Center and had the colors of both teams represented on it.

"One of the things I told our team before the game today is don't take this for granted. There's a lot of people out there, Kaleb, and other kids and adults that would love to go do this," said Hilltop football coach Shawn Blaisdell.

It was a highlight everyone here will remember.

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