Tiger Ridge Exotics owner fighting to keep animals

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Lions, tigers and bears can be seenat Tiger Ridge Exotics in Perrysburg Township but right now the state is tryingto take these exotic animals away.

Owner Kenny Hetrick says he will notlet them go without a fight.

"I can't let them, I can't let nobody comehere and take my animals from me, you know I am not going to let that happen,no matter what," said Hetrick.

He recently received a letter in the mail telling him that because he does not have a dangerous wild animal permit all theanimals need to be off his property within 10 business days.

Permits like this were made mandatoryin December 2013. Hetrick says he has not gotten the permit because, along withthe requirements like a new fence and a million dollar insurance police, it istoo expensive.

"I'm having a problem trying to complywith what they want me to do, you know I am more than willing do what they wantme to do, but just, I just can'tdo it, it just, like the million dollars of insurance, that is going to cost melike 700 a month," said Hetrick.

Hetrick says the one thing he won't do is let the animals go.

"They're going to have to comein here and put a gun to my head, that is the only way they are going to getthem," said Hetrick.

Familyfriend Lyneve Campbell says taking the animals away could destroy Hetrick.

"This is the animals homes,and if they're taken away it would really ruin the animals and destroy Kennyhimself," said Campbell.

Hetrickis consulting with a lawyer to make sure he keeps the animals.

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