Troopers pull over intoxicated truck driver four times over the legal limit

ERIE COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) - State troopers pull over a semi driver for driving drunk, three times over the legal limit and it was all caught on camera.

The troopers found beer in the cab of the 18-wheeler and they say the driver Michael Craycraft was incredibly intoxicated.

"Right now you're at .32 which is actually 4 times the legal limit," troopers said to the Craycraft. "Four times the legal limit, .08 is the legal limit."

The video was just released by the Highway Patrol, it shows the trucker being stopped last month driving recklessly eastbound on the turnpike in Erie County near Milan.

"And you only had 3 beers?" said the troopers. "You had more than three beers. Even without this I can tell."

Craycraft's commercial driver's license has been suspended. Troopers say this was his third DUI.

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