Propane retailers warn of potential shortage

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Propane retailers are issuing a red flag in light of last year's harsh winter: there is potential for a shortage.

Retailers say don't hesitate, buy your propane now, especially considering how unpredictable Ohio weather can be.

Last year, Governor Kasich issued an emergency declaration for the propane shortage in the midst of a nasty winter.  Prices skyrocketed and some people couldn't heat their homes.

This time around, state propane officials don't expect a shortage, but they are urging customers to conserve and stock up now.

At Reliance Propane on Secor, propane sales have spiked by 15 percent.  Store employees say people are placing more orders and buying extra propane items.

"They're predicting another cold winter like we had last year," said Reliance employee Justin McVicker.  "I would suggest put a sweatshirt on, just conserve your propane if you don't want your bills through the roof."

Last year propane prices hit a record high at more than $3.90 per gallon.

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