Toledo's water commissioner is stepping down

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Toledo Water Commissioner Tim Murphy is stepping down from his position after only two months on the job.

Murphy became Toledo's Water Commissioner following the water crisis, Tuesday he put in a letter of resignation.

Murphy says his resignation has nothing to do with the crisis or the current condition of the water treatment plant, he was simply offered a better job opportunity.

Come November 6 the water treatment facility will have a new person in charge of operations.

Murphy says he was given a new opportunity with a company called "Civil and Environmental Incorporated."

"It's a great opportunity to do additional work in the Environmental field and to address some of the issues that weren't really highlighted during the water crisis," said Murphy.

He says his goals during his time as commissioner was to improve communication between the Ohio EPA and come up with a plan to better address the algal bloom in the future.

"Last week we submitted a funding request to the state of Ohio in the amount of 12.5 million dollars and that funding will go to put the necessary barriers in at the Collins Park Water Treatment Facility, that will address harmful algal blooms in 2015 and going forward," said Murphy.

He says everything at the water treatment plant is a work in progress but he trusts the people working hard to keep Toledo's water safe.

"The water treatment plant is performing very well, it's got a great staff in place and they've been doing a great job," said Murphy. "You know for many, many years and through this hole water crisis they've done a really good job."

Murphy says he waited to step down from the position until after the algae season was over. He hopes to work with the next appointed commissioner before he leaves.

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