Executive director of Toledo community center investigated for embezzlement

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Executive Director Sonya Williams has been suspended from the Frederick Douglas Community Association. Board members say they are investigating Williams, after thousands of dollars went missing.

"The thing that was fishy was how come we're so low on resources," said Community Board Member Kevin Haddad. "When all these people are giving us money for the community and now all of a sudden we're dwindling in cash."

Williams has been suspended without pay. Board members believe Williams may have used more than $10,000 of the association's money for personal use, including gambling.

"There's been a few things in the finance reports from the banks, that we have to get all clarified," said Haddad. "And we're having an audit done right now to make sure where it was spent and where it was used."

Haddad says this possible improper use of money goes all the way back to May.

In addition to the investigation involving Sonya Williams, they are looking into an investigation of other members of the Frederick Douglass Community Association.  Haddad is also looking into filing a police report.

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