Toledo Animal Shelter forced to turn away hundreds of cats per week

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Toledo Animal Shelter says they're forced to turn away nearly 50 cats every day during what they are calling a feral cat epidemic.

Cats are brought to the shelter every single day, but there simply isn't enough space to take them in.

Shelter workers say the cat problem has gotten so bad people are leaving their cats in boxes at the door hoping someone will take them in.

Employees say there are litters of kittens roaming the streets all across town and the problem stems from owners not getting their cats spayed and neutered, ultimately causing cats to reproduce at a rapid rate.

Shelter officials say many of these cats are getting sick, developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer at younger ages because owners are not spaying them.

With a lack of space and limit on care, the no-kill shelter is forced to turn away cats continuously.

"As much as we are spaying and neutering all the different animal rescues, we know we just can't seem to keep up on it," said Toledo Animal Shelter Executive Director Helen Bensch.  "It's nationwide, it's not just in our area."

Lack of food is another concern.  The cats that are on the streets are tearing through garbage bags searching for food.

In the winter months, shelter officials say they will need a lot of help.

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