Walbridge Police asking the community to report domestic violence if suspected

Walbridge, OH (Toledo News Now) - Domesticviolence was the topic of discussion at one Walbridge block watch meeting onWednesday and police say it is a problem impacting the entire community.

Policesay domestic violence is something that happens everywhere, even in quiet andsafe communities. They are hoping to raise awareness about the issue and teachpeople how they can help stop it.

Policesay things like loud yelling, unexplained injuries, scrapes and bruises on thehand and arms and burns or welts can all be sign of domestic violence.

WalbridgeDetective Jeff Goetz says victims are often too scared to come forwardthemselves.

"As law enforcement, the community they are our eyes andears so that's where we get all of our information. So, get us involved so thatif somebody is a victim of domestic violence we can get them out of thatsituation," said Goetz.

Police say if you suspectsomeone is in danger call 911 right away.

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