TPS taking a stand against bullying

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Toledo Public Schools are taking a stand against bullying and an event held on Wednesday has school leaders saying they won't tolerate it anymore.

Students from Toledo Early College High School gave demonstrations on what it is like to be bullied and how kids are affected all over America.

Students made up their own skits. Tenth grade Laurie Britt says she was bullied back in seventh grade.

"It went on for a couple of months I believe, because it was towards the end of the year. But I had been verbally bullied by a girl," said Laurie.

Laurie says she wishes her situation had been handled better and stopped more quickly.

One of the goals of the new anti-bullying campaign by TPS is to expose bullies by encouraging students to report them to school leaders.

"A lot of times when bullying happens, teachers aren't there, parents aren't always there. Sometimes these things happen on the walk home to and from school. It happens in the cafeteria when the monitor's back is turned," said TPS Director of Pupil Placement Heather Baker.

Sixth to twelfth graders who attended the event also took a quiz on the many definitions of bullying. Out of six questions most of them only got one or two right, confirming that more needs to be done to fully understand the problem.

"Bullying should be reported and should be stopped because these students, we need to work in a safe environment when we are learning," said Laurie.

TPS also has drop boxes in the schools so that students can report bullying anonymously.

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