Progress on the new Fire Station 12 in north Toledo is being made

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A lot of progress has been made at the new fire station on Suder and Chase in north Toledo. The station 12 logo is now up along with the roof, brick façade is in place and soon construction crews will begin plumbing, wiring and outfitting the station for firefighter needs.

The new station also has three drive through bays so that the fire trucks can get out in an emergency and return home without having to back in.

The goal is to have firefighters moved in by the end of the year.

Toledo Fire Lt. Matt Hertzfeld says residents have always been protected by the department but the new station 12 will eliminate a gap in coverage.

"And the gap has been here a while due to the changes in where station assignments used to be," said Hertzfeld. "The old 12 was farther up on Suder so this new station now gives us an opportunity to plug that hole that was in this area of North Toledo.

Residents say they are glad the station is moving in.

"Because when the train comes and stuff, if something happened over here, they couldn't get over here," said resident James Woods. "Now we got one on this side of the tracks and God bless, I hope nothing don't happen but if it does, we got something over here."

A training tower is being built in the northwest side that will include a training classroom and allow firefighter from all over the city to practice raising ladders, rope training and search and rescue.

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