76-year-old south Toledo man victim of home invasion

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A home invasion that occurred Wednesday morning on Mayberry Street near Airport Highway has left a 76-year-old man with some bruises and a mess to clean up.

The victim, Lee, is now nursing a black eye and is left to clean up his home and file an insurance claim while detectives work on his case.

Lee says he was about to go to bed when he heard a window break.

"This guy came running over, after me and he threw me on the floor and was beating on me," said Lee.

He says he has a security system but it wasn't activated.

"Like a dummy, I didn't turn it on while I was alone, I do it before bed, he broke in before that," said Lee.

Lee says the memories of a masked man coming through his door early Monday morning are still fresh in his mind.

"I said 'why you doing this' and he says 'I want your money,' and I said 'I got some money I've been saving upstairs, quarters,'" said Lee.

The suspect dragged Lee up the stairs, grabbed a plastic bag full of two to three hundred dollars in change and shoved him in a bedroom.

"He did tell me, 'do you want me to kill you,' he said that a few times, I said 'no I don't want you to kill me," said Lee.

Now with bruises and the loss of his money and 2010 Blue Vibe, Lee says he feels lucky his life was spared.

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