City of Bryan purchases 79 acres for industrial park development

BRYAN, OH (Toledo News Now) - The City of Bryan purchased property this week to develop an industrial park.

The mayor and other city officials are excited about the opportunity this purchase brings.

"It's hard to say how excited we really are without sounding giddy," said Brian Carlin, director of utilities. "It's a very big thing for us."

The City plans to develop the nearly-80 acres of land into an industrial park. It's a prime location inside city limits on County Road E, just off of Route 15.

Carlin says the property will be developed into four 20-acre lots. He believes there are many reasons why companies should do business there.

"We're a nice, sleeper little town, great community, the utilities are owned and operated by the City, so we're here for our customers," said Carlin. "We have a brand new school system going in; the direction is moving the right way."

The more-than $777,000 price tag for the property is paid for by available money from an electric department fund. The industrial park is expected to bring in hundreds of jobs. Work on the land should get underway by July of next year.

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