City selling ad space to keep Ottawa Park Ice Rink operating

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - When it comes to the future of the Ottawa Park Ice Rink, one city leader says a new effort may help keep it in operation for years to come.

Despite funding problems in the past, the ice rink continues to draw people from around the Toledo area.

Parks, Recreation and Forestry Commissioner, Dennis Garvin, says the future of the park is uncertain due to the city's limited resources. Now, the Parks and Recreation Department wants to sell advertising inside the rink to raise operating funds.

This year, the city budget didn't have room for the ice rink. Regardless, Garvin says Mayor D. Michael Collins promised the rink will open by the end of November.

This new effort to sell advertising to businesses will help bring more revenues for its operation, but also increase exposure of the rink.

"The City of Toledo right now is limited in its resources for Parks and Recreation," Garvin said. "This is just one more thing we can do to help perhaps increase our coffers and stabilize the recreational services of Toledoans."

Garvin says businesses could purchase 4-8 feet of space inside the rink for $376. It would have to be family-friendly, wholesome advertisement that would be up the entire season.

City council approved the legislation Tuesday. Garvin says they can begin accepting business advertisements immediately.

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